Sting Secured Academy

Meet Our Board

Director of Studies

Emmanuel O. Olumuji (B.A, M.A, PGDE, PhD)

I am delighted to welcome you on board with Sting Secured Academy, an academy dedicated to security training and research. You are an important part of hundreds of trainees, security personnel, security expert and public affairs analyst in our immediate and extended team. Whether you are here to learn more about personal, organisational and public security or you are here to connect with other security experts across the world, we are here to serve your purpose.

Please kindly sign up for our news alert, we will do our best to notify you about our trainings, workshop, seminars and other useful security materials. If you need any assistance or further information, feel free to contact our team through any of our feedback channels.

Once again, I welcome you to Sting Secured Academy, your solution to security training, research and awareness.